(Studi Kasus di Kecamatan Cibeureum Kota Tasikmalaya).


Budhi Wahyu Fitri, Nanang Rusliana, Encang Kadarisman,Yopi Rukmanda

Jurusan Ekonomi Pembangunan Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Siliwangi



This research is aimed at finding out : 1) How much the income of the mendong (rice-like plant used as the raw material for making mat) farm at Cibeureum district of Tasikmalaya city is; 2) How many mendong productions available at Cibeureum disctrict of Tasikmalaya city are; 3) The distribution analysis of the mendong farm income at Cibeureum district of Tasikmalaya city.

The writer uses descriptive method, the way of how to conduct is by means of survey at mendong farmer group at Margabakti sub-district the district of Cibeureum of Tasikmalaya city. The data used in this research consist of primary and secondary data.

From the result, in fact mendong farm income distribution in a large area in terms of the Lorenz curv closer to smooth line, while for the narrow area is slightly far from the smooth line. So the income distribution for the large area is realtively spread more evenly than that of the narrow area.

Keyword: income, distribution of income


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